Porsche and I are so excited as we were blessed with a litter of puppies on 6/11/18.

Rare and exotic pups!!!  XOXO

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Shipping in U.S. is available.  If interested contact us and we can get a shipping quote for you.

We will Export to some countries, but Buyers will be responsible for add'l  fees and boarding as necessary. 

Sir Von Lancelot is our Lilac Merle Male.  He looks absolutely stunning and not only is he a Lilac, but he also has the gorgeous Merle color too .    He also has a pedigree that includes World and International Champions.   

​Lancelot's pedigree is not just full of Champions, but Grand Champions  that have earned titles like CH(UA.), GCH(UA.), CH(RUS.), CH(MOL.) CACx10, R.CACx2, R.CACIBx2, CACIB, BOBx5 CHRIS VON GLANDORF